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Specifications for which level is appropriate for your student and what to study (Levels 01-5)

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It is time to order your supplies for Le Grand Concours. Here is all the information you need and please be sure you send in your orders in a timely manner to give us plenty of time to gather them and send them to Illinois.

•Le Grand Concours is a 60-minute national French examination and contest created and administered by the AATF. It is available at 7 different levels, from FLES - Level 5.

The primary purposes of Le Grand Concours are:
….To stimulate more students to begin and continue with their study of French….
….To recognize and reward individual student and teacher achievement….

•Le Grand Concours is available to all students of French. However, the cost of examination materials ($1.75 per exam for members and $3.35 per exam for non-members; $6.00 per CD) is greatly reduced for the students of AATF members by January 1st, 2013.

Prizes are awarded in two categories: Chapter and National. Chapters offer prizes to those students who are among the top scorers at the Chapter level for each level and division.
•National prizes are subsidized out of the fees paid by each entrant. Prizes include certificates, videos, medals, books, etc. Students at every level, FLES - Level 5, who place in the top ranks are National winners.
•Last year (2012) more than 97,000 students entered Le Grand Concours.
•10,095 students received National medals and more than 43,000 students received national certificates.
•In 2012, Utah had 10 teachers/schools participate and hundreds of national and chapter awards were given out.

Major Deadlines
•January 1, 2013: AATF Membership Dues (to: AATF National)
•Ten Free Entries: AATF will send a voucher waiving the National portion of enrollment fees for ten students of each teacher who joins AATF for the first time by January 1, 2013. AATF will also do this for referring members.
•February 1, 2013: Initial Orders of tests and CDs (to: Danielle A.)
•February 15-28, 2013: FLES Contest Dates
•February 24-March 23, 2013: Middle School/Secondary (Levels 01-5) Contest Dates
•March 7, 2013: FLES Answer Sheets (to: Survey Systems)
•March 29, 2013: Levels 01-5 Answer Sheets (to: Survey Systems)
•Mid-April, 2013: National Results
May 2013: Certificates and Awards/Prizes

•Make sure you’re on the AATF mailing list and keep your eye on your inbox in January.
•Contact Danielle Asay at: dtasay@gmail.com
More information is posted on the AATF National website: http://www.frenchteachers.org/