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Here are some materials to teach about "la vraie histoire de St. Nicholas"


We watched the movie Astérix et Obélix, learned character descriptions, vocabulaire, etc.
On the official website I found this wonderful game. I printed out books, copied the last
page, and made a copy of the game to play in class. Then I noticed the game is on-line.
With my projector, we played the game in teams. My students learned so much today
trying to understand the questions, but also the rights of children in the world under the
United Nations. It’s amazing to compare the concepts with those of the United States.
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Prendre un enfant par la main, Yves Duteil

*Submitted by Linda Bayes


Les Vidéos

C'est ça Halloween - Monsieur Jack
C’est l’Halloween
La Chanson des Squelettes
Au Clair d’Halloween
Téléfrançais - Les Squelettes
La Soupe de la Sorcière

La Soupe de la Sorcière

La Potion Magique PPT

Histoire - Cravate et Chocolat PPT

Phrase Mixup

Remets dans l'ordre les phrases de la sorcière. Traduisez les phrases en Anglais.

  1. __
recette est Où ma magique? passée

  1. __
suis je enrhumée.

  1. __
des Je crottes de pour recette. cherche ma nez

  1. __
prêtes Tu tes de me nez? crottes

  1. __
a On balai! mon volé

  1. __
un meilleur est crapaud. Mon ami

  1. __
sort. lui un Je jeté ai

  1. __
transforme Je en te crapaud.

  1. __
amie Ma une meilleure est sorcière.

  1. __
approche. Halloween

Le Vocabulaire

Liste de vocabulaire

Les Légendes et Histoires Peureuses

Le Loup Garou

PPT for Halloween

Mardi-Gras Ideas

Valentines Day

All levels do these activities. They are speaking activities. The kids always love this. It's so much fun to watch too! :-)
1. Une Annonce Personnel - Personal ad. ( etc.) They do the ads several days prior to activity. I take the ads, print them up one side for boys another side for girls. (Newspaper Labels) I create a newspaper section of Personal it looks like a real newspaper with advertisements on it too.
2. (FRSp Gala Soirée) La Soirée is what I call the the day of the activity. Students each get a copy of the "Newspaper" with all of the ads. They write down questions on this little paper based on descriptions from personal ads. Their goal is to ask in FRENCH questions to determine who wrote which ad. And, speak French of course.
3.FR Group Symbols - is for directing traffic. If they draw a cupid they rotate with the cupids etc. The tables (desks) have the big symbol (you can use it if you want; for me it's to direct traffic) and the individual symbol is what the student has to know where to go. I probably should explain. Like I said the tables have the symbol and the students have a little symbol. So, I tell them "les coeurs" parlez avec "les chocolats" aux tables des "bagues" So they know with whom they talk and where plus I get to use the V-day vocab (listing comprehension) so they are learning it and using it too.
4. V-Day Game *& Pieces - I created a board game using vocabulary for V-day. I teach the vocabulary and one way to use it is rolling dice and going around the board. The students have to say the word of the object in the square when they land on it. I give prizes (candy) or euros for winners.
5. We also take some time to do Valentines in French too using vocabulary and expressions that I give them.

Lots of Christmas Fun - How to organize your own store and Bûche de Noël creation activities
Thanks to Carol Fallon (le marché) and Linda Haymond (Bûche de Noël)

Poissons d'avril - Pierre Baigue

Faire des achats en ligne—Laura Nelson